User Interface

Magic Trackpad Control Panel - Tray Menu


To open simply click on the icon in the system tray. Alternatively do a right click and choose Settings from the menu.


To exit the application right click on the system tray icon and choose Exit.
In the seetings window you can exit by clicking the down arrow at the [Close|v] button and choose "Exit Control Panel".

Settings lost

Your settings might be lost after a reboot or reconnect.
Please open the Control Panel and press the [Close] button to reapply your settings.

One finger gestures

MagicTrackpad1 160 UI

Tap to click: Tap with one finger to invoke a primary (left) click.

Dragging: Invoke dragging with tapping twice but hold the second tap and move your finger to drag things around.

Drag lock: Once dragging is invoked you can release the finger and dragging stays active. Tap again to exit dragging. Disable this option in case you find dragging happens to often unintended.

Two finger gestures

Secondary click: Tap with two fingers to invoke a secondary (right) click.

Scroll: Drag with two fingers to scroll. Adjust the  scroll speed here: Control Panel / Mouse / Wheel Tab.

Speed: Opens the system mouse wheel settings.

Inverse scrolling: If enabled, indicated by two vertical arrows Natural Scrolling Indicator in the system tray icon, the scrolling direction will be inverted so users of Mac OS X Lion or later have the same scrolling experience under Windows.

User Account Control might ask Registry Editor for permission to change system settings. Answer with Yes to apply the new settings. Now you need to reboot your system in order to make these settings active. You will be asked to reboot your computer. If you don't reboot your computer, the new settings will become active on the next reboot.

Bottom buttons

The Magic Trackpad has two bottom buttons. By default the left button is used for the primary click and the right button is used for the secondary click.

Secondary click: Enables the secondary (right) click with bottom buttons.

Swap buttons: Swap bottom buttons for left handed users.

Startup options

Load at startup: Automatically starts Trackpad Control Panel when you login to your system.

Start minimized: Starts the application minimized in the system tray. Click on the system tray icon to show the settings dialog.