Touch Support

Generic mouse(pad)

Gesture Mac OS X Win 10 + 8 + 7
1 finger
Tap to click yes yes
Dragging yes yes
Drag Lock yes yes
Secondary click
(in bottom-corners)
yes yes
2 fingers
Vertical scroll yes yes
Horizontal scroll yes yes
Secondary tap yes yes
Secondary click yes yes
Zoom yes yes (Ctrl+VScroll)
Rotate yes  
Pinch open and close yes  
3 fingers
3 finger drag yes  
Swipe to navigate yes  
4 fingers
Swipe up or down yes  
Swipe left or right yes  

Paired via Bluetooth, Apples Magic Trackpad operates as a generic mouse on Windows without additional driver installation. Moving your finger on the pad moves the cursor. Primary click can be performed by clicking in the bottom corners of the trackpad. That’s not magic.

1 and 2 finger multi-touch

The Magic Trackpad 1 Control Panel brings more multi-touch to your Windows.

  • Tap to click
  • Dragging with Drag Lock
  • 2 finger scrolling, vertical/horizontal
  • Inverse scrolling
  • 2 finger secondary click (right click)
  • Zoom is supported via Ctrl+VScroll