Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are related to our legacy version.
Consider to upgrade to the next version which offer much more features.

Will the next version be a free upgrade?

No, the next version 3 of the Magic Utilities will be a paid upgrade. A current version 1.x or 2.x license won't work with the new version, but existing customers will get a discount when upgrading.

The new version 3 will have a new trial period, so everybody can try it, even with the old version or BootCamp installed!

What touch features are supported?

For a list of all touch features please click here.

More multi-touch support will come with the next upgrade.

Where can I adjust the scroll speed?

The scroll speed is a global Windows setting. I can't be set per device. That's why we don't offer a scroll speed adjustment for now.

In order to adjust the scroll speed please use the standard Windows Mouse Settings. For your convenience there is Speed button in the user interface opening the Windows settings dialog.

Help, I can't uninstall the application!

You need to exit the application before uninstalling it.
Click here for more help.

What Bluetooth radios are supported?

In general it should work with Broadcom chipsets as Apples uses them with their products. 

Here more help for Bluetooth issues.

end faq