Windows 7 Steps

Apple does not support Windows 7 any more. Therefore the installed support doesn't get assigned automatically.

The steps below should work on all Windows 7 64 bit systems where the Magic Trackpad 2 is connected via USB and supported Bluetooth adapters.

If you can't get it work please do not contact us, we really can't help you. Consider a Windows 10 upgrade.


During installation confirm this Security warning dialog with
"Install this driver software anyway"


It can take some time so please be patient.

Assignment - USB

Now the support is installed but not assigned. Make sure the Magic Trackpad 2 is connected via USB and not paired as a Bluetooth device. USB should always work whereas Buletooth does not work in some cases. You should be able to move the mouse with the finger and perform a single click anywhere on the surface.

Click on the start menu button and enter Device Manager. Click on Device Manager, a new Windows opens. Alternatively in Windows Explorer right click on the Computer icon, choose Manage and click Device Manager.

  1. Expand Human Interface Devices section
  2. Select the first USB Input Device and right click
  3. Select Update Driver Software...
  4. Select bottom choice Browse my computer for driver software
  5. Select bottom choice Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  6. Make sure Show compatible devices is checked / enabled
  7. Look for Apple Multi-Touch Pro.
    If it is not displayed click Cancel, go back to step 3 and select the next USB Input Device.
  8. Eventually you will reach step 7 again where Apple Multi-Touch Pro is displayed.
  9. Select Apple Multi-Touch Pro and click Next.
  10. Close the next dialog.
  11. In the Human Interface Devices section Apple Multi-Touch Pro should be displayed.
  12. Windows may also ask you to reboot, do so, it is really important.

After reboot the support features are not enabled. Launch our Magic Trackpad 2 Control Panel to activate and configure your preferred settings.

Assignment - Bluetooth

For Bluetooth it's the same process as with USB, except that the device name in step 2. is Bluetooth HID-Device.

Note: It might not work on some Bluetooth radios. This is a common problem and can't be solved. But USB should work.

Please do not contact us with Bluetooth issues.



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