Touch Support

Generic mouse(pad)

Gesture Mac OS X Win 10+8+7
1 finger
Tap to click yes yes
Dragging yes yes
Drag Lock yes yes
Secondary click
(in bottom-corners)
yes yes
2 fingers
Vertical scroll yes yes
Horizontal scroll yes yes
Secondary tap yes yes
Secondary click yes yes
Zoom yes yes (Ctrl+VScroll)
Rotate yes  
Pinch open and close yes  
3 fingers
3 finger drag yes  
Swipe to navigate yes  
4 fingers
Swipe up or down yes  
Swipe left or right yes  

Apples Magic Trackpad 2 operates as a generic mouse on Windows without additional driver installation. Moving your finger on the pad moves the cursor. Primary click can be performed anywhere on the trackpad. That’s not magic.

1 and 2 finger multi-touch

The Magic Trackpad 2 Control Panel brings more multi-touch to your Windows.

  • Tap to click
  • Dragging with Drag Lock
  • 2 finger scrolling, vertical/horizontal
  • Inverse scrolling
  • 2 finger secondary click (right click)