Support and Help

Please note that we do not give support for Bluetooth pairing or driver installation issues as the driveres are from Apple itself and are officially not supported by Apple on non-Mac PCs.

We try to help and assist you with this website. If you don't find a solution here please use your favourite search engine for more help and support. Thank you.


Follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Magic Trackpad with the provided USB cable. Do not pair via Bluetooth. If you'va already paired with Bluetooth please unpair / remove your Magic Trackpad from the Bluetooth device list.
  2. Verify that the trackpad works. Should should be able to move the mouse with your finger and perform a primary click anywhere on the trackpad.
  3. Now install Apples support and the Control Panel. Our hybrid Driver/Control Panel Installer does the job for you.
    Window 7 users must perform additional steps, click here.
  4. The trackpd might not work after installation, just click somewhere to activate it.
  5. If not already opened, start the Control Panel and configure the trackpad settings.

Bluetooth Pairing

Now that the trackpad works with USB and the support is already installed you can try Bluetooth.

To pair the Magic Trackpad 2

  1. unplug the USB cable
  2. turn the trackpad off and back on to initiate pairing mode
  3. now pair.

Again Window 7 users must perform additional steps after pairing, click here.

Open the Control Panel, if there is no error display your trackpad should work.

In case it doesn't work we can't really help you as your Bluetooth radio / stack / driver is not compatible. But luckily you can connect your trackpad with USB to use it.


Apples support can be uninstalled.
Look for Windows Driver Package - Apple Inc. Apple Multi-Touch Pro in the list of installed programs.