User Interface


Open and exit

To open simply click on the icon in the system tray. Alternatively do a right click and choose Settings from the menu.

To exit the application right click on the system tray icon and choose Exit.

Battery gauge

A battery gauge is displayed in the system tray showing the charge level of the Magic Mouse batteries. For the Magic Mouse 2 you need to plug in the Lightning USB cable (connected to your computer) to see the battery level.


Inverse scrolling
(formally labeld as Natural scrolling):
If enabled the scrolling direction will be inverted so users used to mac OS X have the same scrolling experience under Windows.

Note: You must reboot or turn Bluetooth off and on again in order to make a change effective.

Scroll Speed: Opens the system mouse wheel settings.

Load at startup: Automatically starts Magic Mouse Utilities when you login to your system.

Start minimized: Starts the application minimized in the system tray. Click on the system tray icon to show the settings dialog.

Magic Mouse Utilities Screenshot