License is not working

In case you bought a license, followed the email instructions and your Magic Utility is still not working please check the topics below before contacting us.

Quick fix, works in most cases:

  • Remove your Magic device from Bluetooth devices
  • Uninstall the Magic Utilities
  • Restart your computer
  • Reinstall the Magic Utilities
  • Pair your Magic device with Bluetooth again.

In case the quick fix above doesn't help, here is more detailed help.

1. Does your Magic Device work?

Even without a license or any additional software your Magic Device should work.

  • The Magic Mouse and Trackpad should move the mouse pointer and click.
  • The Magic Keyboard should be able to enter alphanumeric characters.

If your device doesn't work make sure:

  • Batteries are charged
  • Your Magic Device is properly paired via Bluetooth or connected with the USB cable (Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard only).

2. Did the Magic Utility fully worked before the trial version expired?

You should only buy a license if all functions did work in trial mode.

  • For the Mouse it's one finger scrolling.
  • For the Trackpads it's two finger scrolling.
  • For the Keyboard it's the additional keys. 

3. Have you restarted after license registration?

Restarting your computer is essential in case your trial period already expired, please restart after registering your license.

4. What is the License Info box showing?

After the reboot the License info box of the Magic Utility should show "Registered to: <your name>". If the license info is still showing "Trial version" your license is not registered. Make sure you:

  • Double clicked the unzipped license file.
  • Confirmed all dialogs with Yes.
  • Restarted your computer.

Note: You need local administrator rights to register your license. In case you don't have these rights ask you administrator to register the license.

In the rare case the License info box is still showing "Trial version" please contact us.

5. Have you re-paired your Magic Device?

Your Magic Device is working, your license is registered and you have restarted your computer but the Magic Utility is still not working. Try this:

  • Remove your Magic Device from Windows Bluetooth devices.
  • Turn your Magic Device off and on again. (Magic Trackpad 1 only: Bring your device in Bluetooth pairing mode)
  • Pair your device again as Bluetooth device.

No reboot required. Click or press a key and wait some time. Your Magic Device should work now.

6. Reinstall the Magic Utilties software

Your Magic Device is working, your license is registered, you have restarted your computer, re-paired the device, but the Magic Utility is still not working. Reinstall our the Magic Utilities software:

  • Uninstall the Magic Utilites software
  • Reinstall the Magic Utilities software

No reboot required. Click or press a key and wait some time. Your Magic Device should work now.

7. Tried everything, Magic Utility still does not work!

In theory this should not happen. If it does please contact us via email. As more information you provide, as faster we are able to help:

  • Answer the topics 1.-6. from above.
  • Describe your problem as detailed as possible.
  • Add a screenshot of the Magic Utility application window using the Windows Snipping Tool.