Usually Magic Mouse Utilities install just fine on most computers.

Preparation I

  • Make sure your Magic Mouse is paired and connected via Bluetooth.
  • You need administrator rights to perform the installation as the installer changes some Windows system configuration options.

Preparation II

Make sure you have download the right version of the Magic Mouse Utilities. There are separate versions:

  • one for the original Magic Mouse which has a 2x AA battery compartment at the bottom.
  • one for the Magic Mouse 2 which has a Lightning port to recharge.


Just follow the instructions. Note:

Verify Installation

After the installation Click your mouse. You should be able to do a one finger scroll by moving your finger vertically on the back of the mouse. You might have to wait a little while until the support is really active. If that doesn't work you need to perform additional actions.

Once you can do a one finger scroll, the basic functionality of Magic Mouse Utilities works fine.

In some cases our software doesn't work. Do not buy a license. A license won't fix any issue.

Errors and Warning messages

There are cases where the user interface dialog shows warnings like: Magic Mouse

  • is sleeping,
  • is not paired,
  • support is not running,
  • Device can't be opened.

As long as scrolling works, please ignore these errors. The actual mouse magic runs independent from the user interface. We are trying to solve these errors in a future release.