Installation issues

In case you just activated your license and the license isn't working continue here: 
License issues.

On some computers it might happen that the Magic Utilities software does not work after installation without additional user action.

Make sure you have the latest version installed from our Download pages.

Please try one of the these action:

  • Toggle Bluetooth or
  • Re-Initialize your Magic device or
  • Restart your computer.

After you have performed an action, click / press your device and wait about 10 seconds. 

Toggle Bluetooth

More convieninet than a restart, turn the Bluetooth radio off and back on again. This works only if your device is not connected with USB.

Re-Initialize your Magic device

If your device is connected via Bluetooth, remove it from Bluetooth devices and pair it again.

If your device is connected via USB, remove the USB plug and plug it in again.

Restart your computer

If all the above does not help restart your computer. The makes sure that install software is loaded correctly. This should work for all Magic devices.