Bluetooth pairing

In order to use your Magic Mouse with Windows you need to pair it as a Bluetooth device.

Even without any installation the Magic Mouse should pair as generic mouse on most PCs with Bluetooth enabled.

For pairing no additional software is required.

Prepare for pairing

If your mouse was already paired with another computer make sure this computer is not turned on or you have removed the mouse from this computer.

Magic Mouse 1 (the mouse with the 2x AA batteries)

  • Make sure you have two charged AA batteries inserted at the bottom of your mouse.
  • Turn your Magic Mouse on and wait until the little green light above the power switch is blinking.
  • Pair your Magic Mouse.
  • If a code is requested while pairing enter 0000

Magic Mouse 2 (the mouse with the Lightning plug to recharge)

  • Make sure your Magic Mouse 2 is charged.
    As new the mouse is already charged by Apple. Charging it for 5-10 minutes should be enough.
  • Pair your Magic Mouse.

Pair your Magic Mouse

  1. On Windows right click on your Bluetooth icon in the taskbar and choose Add a Bluetooth device.
    If you can't see the Bluetooth icon it might be hidden. Click on the little up arrow in the icons section of the taskbar. If there is still no Bluetooth icon it might be removed from the taskbar icons. Search Windows for Bluetooth settings or Add a device or refer to your Windows Help System on how to add a device.
  2. Select your Magic Mouse from the devices listed, it can take a little while until the mouse appears.
  3. Depending on your Windows version click Pair or Next. Wait and follow the instructions.
    If a code is requested while pairing enter 0000.

Verify pairing

Once the Magic Mouse is paired it should work as a generic mouse.

Moving your mose moves the cursor. Left and right clicks can be performed by clicking the left or right side of the mouse.

If you can move the mouse pointer on the screen it's time to install the Magic Mouse Utilities.

Note: If pairing doesn't work in the first place, the Magic Mouse Utilities installation doesn't help either.