Bluetooth issues

All wireless Magic devices are designed by Apple to work with Apple computers via Bluetooth using Broadcom chipsets.

While Bluetooth is a common standard, not every Magic device works (flawless) with every Bluetooth adapter / driver out there.

Mac users only: There has been recent BootCamp issues more details here.

Use the default Windows drivers for your Bluetooth adapter

Do not install custom drivers for your Bluetooth adapter, try the Windows drivers first. Install custom drivers only if the Windows drivers do work at all.

We have reports that BlueSoleil adapters works fine with the Windows drivers but not with their custom drivers.

Use a different Bluetooth adapter

In case you can't get our software to work try a different Bluetooth adapter.

Here are some Bluetooth adapters which should work. Scroll down a bit to see them.

Disconnects / Dropouts

Apparently it can happen that Apples Magic Devices disconnect in regular intervals when connected via Bluetooth.

We don't know the exact nature of the issue but it might be seperate issues or a combination of them.

Avoid wireless Interference from other devices

Other wireless devices might case connection drop-outs. These days our environment is full of wireless connections, Wifi, mobile phones, speakers, displays, ... you name it. If you have connection dropouts try to remove all potential wireless sources nearby your computer and your Magic device. More here 

Disable Bluetooth power saving

The Bluetooth radio goes by default into power saving mode after a while.

First turn off power savings for the Bluetooth adapter:

  • Open the Device Manager
  • Expand the Bluetooth branch
  • Double click your Bluetooth adapter
  • Select the Power Management tab
  • Un-check Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
  • Click OK



Now turn off power savings for each Magic device. The names of the devices are:

  • All Magic Keyboards = Apple Keyboard
  • Magic Mouse = Apple Wireless Mouse
  • Magic Trackpad 1 = Apple Wireless Trackpad
  • Magic Trackpad 2 = Apple Multi-Touch Pro

Follow these steps for each connected Magic device:

  • Open the Device Manager
  • Expand the Human Interce Devices branch
  • Double click your device, the example shows the Magic Mouse
  • Select the Power Management tab
  • Un-check Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power


    Click OK