Apple BootCamp issues

There has been recent general BootCamp problems more details here.

At the beginning of the installation you will be asked if the installer runs on an Apple computer. If you answer YES the installer won't work and you get a detailed explanation.

However you can install the Magic Keyboard Utilities on your Apple Mac computer (if you can't get your keyboard to work using BootCamp) by selecting NO.

Be aware: If you install the Magic Keyboard Utilities on an Apple computer where existing Mac keyboards already work (this affects any Mac keyboard including the built-in MacBook keyboards), these keyboards might only partially work if the trial period is expired or you uninstall this software. Then you need to buy a license or re-install BootCamp.

You might not be able to login to Windows with Ctrl+Alt+Del. If you're stuck at the login screen you can use the accessibility functions to help you log in. Click the button in the bottom left or right of the login screen, check the check box for the on screen keyboard and click Ok. Now you can hold down the control and option keys on the keyboard. With the mouse click the Del button (while holding the other two down on the keyboard).