Frequently asked questions

These FAQs are related to our legacy version.
Consider to upgrade to the next version which offer much more features.

Will the next version be a free upgrade?

No, the next version 3 of the Magic Utilities will be a paid upgrade. A current version 1.x or 2.x license won't work with the new version, but existing customers will get a discount when upgrading.

The new version 3 will have a new trial period, so everybody can try it, even with the old version or BootCamp installed!

Are the extra fn+F keys supported?

All the extra fn+F keys: fn+F1 - F4, fn+F7 - F12 media and volume and eject at the top of the keyboard are currently not supported in this initial release.

We will add fn key support in the next upgrade.

Is the new Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad supported?

Yes, the new Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad is basically supported since version 1.10. We will add full support with the next upgrade.

The numpad doesn't work (Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad)

Windows NumLock is off. Press the Clear key to turn NumLock on or off.

Why are some keys are swapped?

Your Apple keyboard is not fully compatible with the Windows default keyboard layout. Install our Magic Keyboard Layouts and follow these instructions to solve this issue.

"Magic Keyboard", "Wireless Keyboard", why are there different names?

Apple Wireless Keyboard

The offical name of Apples first wireless keyboard back in 2003 was Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1016). The updated models 2007 (A1255), 2009 (A1314) and 2011 (A1314) still got this name.

MagicKeyboard Home In 2015 Apple redesigned the keyboard and named it Magic Keyboard (A1644), which makes a lot of sense as there is the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad.

Will there be a battery indicator for the Apple Wireless Keyboard?

Yes - We will offer full battery indicator support for the Apple Wireless Keyboard with the next upgrade.

Will there be a Windows 7 or any 32bit version for the Magic Keyboard?

Yes - We will offer full Windows 7 and full 32bit support for the Magic Keyboard with the next upgrade.

end faq